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Stone Insomniac began as a studio project of Chris J. Smith's while attending SAE Institute in New York City for audio engineering. It has blossomed into a thrilling live act with an edgy, unique sound with a rotating lineup of musical talent.


Déjà Vu - Stone Insomniac

"When I think of bands coming out of New Jersey, I naturally tend to think of Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi or sometimes The Misfits. Indeed, some major trendsetters varying in different genres of music have come from the Jersey Shore for many decades. So when I first gave a listen to Déjá Vu, a five-song explosion from Stone Insomniac, I was wondering if they might have ignited something. Consisting of Chris Smith, Lynley Evans and Brian Abrecht, Déjá Vu mixes in funk, rock and soul with a “definite darker edge and overall fun vibe” according to the band.

​Sometimes I have to be in the mood for funky jam music but perhaps the stuff I’ve heard from other local bands where I’m from haven’t turned me on that much. These guys did. Technically, the instruments are crisp, clean and tight and the echo effects are just right on the vocal parts, meaning they weren’t overused. The vocalist on the album title track, whom I believe is Chris Smith, sounds a little like Gordon Gano from the Violent Femmes meets a smidgen of Mick Jagger, but that’s a good thing in my opinion. There’s a great shuffling beat and key accompaniment that gives this number a ‘70s vibe as well."

-Excerpt from "Déjá Vu" Review by Divide & Conquer

"Déjà Vu' is a stand-out rock-influenced EP! The funk-influenced sound is edgy, head-turning, and unique. While we are an electronic-focused publication, we can appreciate all genres and after listening to Stone Insomniac's new five-track EP, we can confidently say that they are a group we would jump to see in a live setting.

"Eve" and "Kraz Berry" are two genre-bending tracks that we'll have on repeat all week long. Make sure to grab the EP on Spotify!"

-The Noise Porn Team

  Cross Borders - Stone Insomniac
Cross Borders CD Art.png
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