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Johanna Warren: My Introduction to Music Blogs

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

The first time I heard Johanna Warren's somber yet resilient voice, I was doing some late-night blog browsing in my room. This activity alone is atypical of me and surprisingly, it was the first time I've ever stumbled upon new music in this fashion. As an independent musician doing my own heavy-lifting, I'm constantly digging through blogs to find contact info of authors/editors to pitch my music to in hopes of a premier, now alas, here I am writing my own articles! I attribute this full-heartedly to the discovery of Johanna's songs and the fond memory of her soothing me to sleep that cold winters night.

That experience of hunting down such a profound artist reminded me of that feeling of shifting through old vinyl crates, but in a cyber atmosphere. It made me recognize the impact a good music blog can have (shout out to HypeMachine for introducing me to this medium) and the treasures you can find with the proper curators on the web. As an amateur at the blog craft but a musician who's been around the block, I expect it will be a while before I find any kind of real identity with my writing, if ever, but I aim to not only speak authentically about the music, but sing about it, too in my "Inspired By" category. I will explore every genre there is here and I do not intend on limiting myself (with the exception of not doing negative reviews). My hopes are that you will join me in my passion, engage in the conversation a bit, and most of all LISTEN TO THE MUSIC! Ultimately, this platform was created to share musical inspirations with one another. It’s a place to direct interested parties to so that they might have a similar experience as me when I discovered Johanna. I wish this blog to be a platform for ALL. Consider me nothing more than your host on the musical journey to discovery. Humbly, my library of music is vast and I feel extremely grateful to have an outlet in which to share this wealth of knowledge and opinion. I am looking forward to being introduced to your favorite influential artists as well! So, without further ado, please sit back and relish in the sweet sounds of Johanna Warren's "Gemini II"

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Ariel Yegelwel
Ariel Yegelwel
Oct 25, 2018

Congrats on your first blog! I love this because I've never heard her music before, but i'm already a fan. I look forward to hearing more!

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